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Project Title" Winter Sessions

This my comeback project after over 10 year hiatus of not doing any hoem recordings. Started it right before Christams when I bought myself for Christams a Digital Recorder. I play all the instruments which includes my debut of violin. I apologize for the sour notes. It can be a very hard instrument to play!


Trk: Uprising (wrote it during Egypt’s uprising)

Trk: Don’t you Hate It (this has been building up) hook: “don’t you hate it when authority is wrong and you have no choice but to follow along” (I will do some lyrical improvements to this one)

Trk: Oh No  (about doctors who prescribe drugs that don’t cure  or help the illness) You can also interperet as a song about a marriage gone bad.

Trk: Good Memories (entertaining the thought of settling down)

Trk: Part of the Plan (about natural law)

RAN OUT OF SD CARD SPACE-thats why its ends short!!!

Maybe try a redo but serioulsly doubt I can recapture the emotional inspiration

Trk: Deprived (about going though long periods without being in a relationship and possibly missing out on opportunities)

Trk: Don’t Question It (about having faith in your endeavors and not to second guess it)

Trk: Windswept Highway( An acoustic version from a previously release on the Overtime CD)

Trk: Noble Kind (asking the question “are you the noble kind?”) giving some examples thereof. (I will need it do some lyrical improvements to this one)

Trk: They Don’t Care any More: (about people I got to know and then later left the picture)

Trk: Girl (about a girl who has gone through a lot of pain and suffering)

Trk: When I Can’t Take It: (an obscure melody arrangement about when I cross the line and have to throw in the towel or make some major changes to solve the delima)

Trk: Over Critical Eye (about people who seem to criticize my work and character which developed into haltered)

Trk: Roller Coaster Ride (finally got around recording this song which I wrote in 1994. I lately have playing this one a lot)

Trk: Chosen (about individuals who have given tasks that have a greater purpose and that supersedes normal life styles )

Trk: I’m Sorry (about a relationship gone bad and my apology towards it)


Project Title" Spring  Sessions

A continueation of the Winter Sessions at a litlle slower pace due to being busy on other projects away from music in addtion to promoting and managing this site!!!


Trk: Twin Towers: Could be one of my most artistic expressions that Ive done to date. Wrote it right after Bin Laden was shot. Its written as if through his eyes a his spirit entered the Wrath of HELL

Trk: I Love You So: You can never tell the one you love this enough. It is a bluesy number which could also reflect how it feels to give of ones self and to be humbled in result thereof.

Trk Jesus RIP: Could be looked as a controversial song in the Christian world. It however is quite the contrary. The message here is the possibility that your relationship with Jesus should be a peaceful one. Every second of everyday  millions of people reflect to Jesus there burdens. Did you ever think that this could be a over overwhelming experience even to the omnipotent