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The main influence behind this member site is to be able to share all of Fylo Zoets music and videos on one site. Being that it takes many many hours each week in addition to the many many hours to write and record new songs the artist accepts donations in order to help be able to maintain it properly.  This site is in the Beta format which will be going through a lot of changes and improvements over the next several months and years. The concept of this site is intended to help pioneer the way for artist to develop similar sites to help them earn extra income for their many hours of work and creativity.


Its surly has been a wonderful musical journey thus far and glad that technology has finally caught up with me (or maybe I caught up with it?) so I can share it all with you!!!!!! From those very first days learning guitar chords in the 8th grade or watching my sister sing at church or singing “Down on the Corner” at a talent show in the 3rd Grade along with my two brothers and sister (we were the four kids on the corner)  or playing those first keys on moms baby grand piano at the age of four or or or…………   I certainly am grateful to have been raised in a musical family in which my Mom kept us very active as our church’s organist and choir director and  my Father and Uncle Ken as vocalists. My first solo live performances were at church and where I certainly struggled to overcome stage fright. (Still working on that one.)

Then one night  I went to a music movie at Big Tree Plaza where I saw Neil Young sing Sugar Mountain for the first time then went and bought his album Decade the next week. That was the Turing point that made me decide to become a songwriter. I can’t thank my music comrades enough during my younger years who helped  shape my musical style, skill and theory: Trey Briggs, Bob Simon, Troy Hire, Rodney Dorrough and Joe King who gave me the nick name “fylo” and yes my sister Mary who showed me how to tie my shoes and inspired me to learn how to play guitar and my brother Paul who took me to my first Rock Concert (the Dobie Brothers) in Jax. and then watching Mark Hodgson play his local shows around town. Wow he really knows how to put on a show and was the 1st performer I was able to study watching in front of a live performance.  


Then as year passed all My SSA comrades who showed me what it means to be a true class act: Logan Belle, Shawn James, Jeremy Mix, Dan Walters, Amy Steinberg,Sam Jaffe, Sam Pacetti,  and many many more………that it would take pages and pages to list. A special thanks to caffe davinci where I frequently played live open mic solo shows in 1995/1996 and then finally realized that I needed to surpass my open mic habit and to start the SSA which now has transformed into the remarkable year after year monumental Original Music Fest…. I feel so Blessed with all my musical acquaintances and ventures. During my life some key people have endured and supported me through my mayhem. My parents, my sister and brothers, my long lasting relationship with Dana and the Jackson family.    


Of course I have always used my spiritual muse during the process which is fueled by the eternal stream of God’s infinite power to guide me through the highs and lows. I thank God for giving me the wisdom or just the common sense to keep convincing myself that everything is all right (lyrics from the song "Convincing Myself on the Halloween CD) no matter what happens.

I look forward to many more years of experiencing the pleasures that being involved in music offers. I’ll just keep driving down this windswept highway not knowing where it’s going carrying my weight (from the lyrics “Windswept Highway” off the Overtime CD)








President/Founder (Phil Weinder aks fylo zoet)

Founded the SSA (Songwriters Showcases of America) with the mission is to create performances opportunities for original music artists.  Go to http://www.ssa.cc for more information on the organization.






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