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Up Rising


Dont You Hate It I'm Sorry Its Over Donating My Soul Run Away Any Body Can

Spring Sessions 2011


Start Your Engines




Checkered Flag Who's Gona Take It Pretty Cars Out of the Pits
Victory Lane
One Way Ticket Running Out of Gas
Pit Stop
Crash Souvenner Stand Boogity Boogity Big ThankYou Tribute


Best Pit Crew Over Critical Mind Roller Coaster Ride They Dont Care AnyMore` Better Man Girl Wait and See Weighing on You danger beware whats the matter Deprived Good Memories (I Believe In You) I Do It All For You Noble Kind Donating My Soul (Dont Question It) (Part of the Plan) Start Over Again) They Dont Care Anymore Selfless Violent Sky's 20 Under Caution - fylo zoet & the Owls 21 Down in Daytona - fylo zoet & the Owls 22 The Winner - fylo zoet & the Owls 23 Birth Place of Speed - fylo zoet & the Owls 13 Happy Hour - fylo zoet & the Owls 12 Daytona Bound - fylo zoet & the Owls 14 Make a Move - fylo zoet & the Owls 16 Remembering the King - fylo zoet & the Owls 17 God Speed - fylo zoet & the Owls 03 Brain Surgeon- fylo zoet 01 For Today and Tomorrow - fylo zoet 02 Do or Die Days- fylo zoet 03 My Country- fylo zoet 04 River of Sacrifice- fylo zoet 05 Brain Surgeon- fylo zoet 06 Thru Eyes and Ears- fylo zoet 07 Dream Catcher- fylo zoet 08 Then- fylo zoet 09 Tribute- fylo zoet 10 Instrum.(12 String)- fylo zoet


Blues Instrum Lucky Dog Gospel Truth Give Back! Dream Robbers Jesus RIP I Love You So Twin Towers2 Still I Wonder Shot Dead Salvation vrs2 Salvation vrs1


Eventually- fylo zoet Eventually- fylo zoet Five Orange Trees- fylo zoet Here Kitty Kitty
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If You Know Me- fylo zoet River of Love- fylo zoet Rock ON the Bottom- fylo zoet Wait Up - fylo zoet What You Thought Love Was- fylo zoet Blind Man's Way- fylo zoet Gold Fever- fylo zoet

Summer Sessions 2011

Allready Died Follow the Circle Love Again Over the Rainbow Coexist With Extetrestrials Gave Birth Got toGet Away-Demo1 Holy Water How Are You Doing I Still Love You Just Another Song Jusst People-Demo Learning Over Again Meant For You My Strings Praying For You Shed What Am I Doing Wrong-Demo Whats Your Name Grazing My Shadow Start Your Engines -fylo zoet & the Owls Start Your Engines -fylo zoet & the Owls 04 Pretty Cars - fylo zoet & the Owls 05 Pit Stop - fylo zoet & the Owls 05 Pit Stop - fylo zoet & the Owls 09 Victory Lane - fylo zoet & the Owls 11 Race Schedule Song - fylo zoet & the Owls 15 Daytona 500 TM - fylo zoet & the Owls
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Halloween Halloween 01 India Steets- fylo zoet 02 Human Experiments- fylo zoet 03 3 Feet Thick- fylo zoet 04 Then- fylo zoet 05 Kill My Ego-fylo zoet 06 Evil-fylo zoet 07 Matter of Opion- fylo zoet 08 Yeah Yeah- fylo zoet 09 Dreaming- fylo zoet 10 Breathing Fire- fylo zoet 11 Dont Even Try It - fylo zoet 12 Uncertainty Principle- fylo zoet 13 Conquer Wyoming- fylo zoet 14 Right to be Wrong- fylo zoet 15 See What I Mean- fylo zoet 17 We Are Going to War- fylo zoet 19 Im A Giver- fylo zoet 21 Tribal Dance- fylo zoet 16 Pyote- fylo zoet 18 Be Bop Jam- fylo zoet 22 Painters Woes- fylo zoet 20 West Side- fylo zoet Plastic World- fylo zoet Lost In the Fields-fylo zoet Big Bus- fylo zoet Anticipating the Moment Big Apple- fylo zoet Brain Surgeon- fylo zoet Building Bridges Cool Yourself Down- fylo zoet Dream Catcher- fylo zoet Eternal Love- fylo zoet Five Minutes Halloween- fylo zoet Hate Worm- fylo zoet High on Life-fylozoet Human Race- fylo zoet Improvising Myself Living In the Vission- fylo zoet Naked Eye-fylo zoet Roll With the Punches- fylo zoet Round and Round- fylo zoet The Way the Game is Played- fylo zoet Traveling- fylo zoet Untiled Instrumental #1- fylo zoet Waiting for a Hurricane- fylo zoet Winter Kill- fylo zoet I'm Coming Down Across the Great Divide- fylo zoet Challenge It and Song and A Prayer- fylo zoet Only God Knows- fylo zoet Roll With the Punches